Hotel Splendid Barcelona

Lowest price guaranteed

We offer the lowest price available

If you find your booking at a lower price on another website, contact us via email at and we will match it.


You need to contact us immediately after booking.

You need to have all the information from the other offer:

  • Check-in/check-out dates
  • Hotel name and room type booked
  • Link to the website where the offer is
  • Exact price they offer

The other offer must be online and still be available when we check.

The other offer must be subject to the same booking conditions that you chose on This means:

  • Same hotel
  • Same room type
  • Same check-in and check-out dates
  • Same room conditions (board, cancellation policy, package, etc.)

If we cannot match the price of the other offer because one or more of the aforementioned conditions is different to your existing booking, your existing booking will be upheld, cancellation policy included.

Our Lowest Price Guaranteed policy does not apply if:

  1. You make a booking on a website which does not reveal the hotel or accommodation where you will be staying until the booking is made.
  2. You made a booking and used:
    • Special member prices
    • Loyal customer discount
    • Points programme
    • Any other special website programme or offer
    • You do not contact us immediately after booking.